Biertan fortified church (UNESCO World Heritage monument)

Maramures - sighet prison memorial
The Sighet Memorial
October 28, 2018
Malancrav, a lively village
October 29, 2018

So impressive!



Not without reason was Biertan, for three hundred years, the see of the Lutheran bishops for ethnic German communities in Southern Transylvania.

Built from 1486 to 1524, Biertan church has impressive defense walls, a beautiful nave ceiling, a collection of tombstones of former bishops and notabilities.

Biertan recipe for couples in difficulties

In Biertan you’ll also discover an original ”matrimonial cell” for local couples with difficulties in marriage.

Before their divorce had to be accepted by the local Lutheran bishop, the husband and wife from Bieran had to spend two weeks locked in this small cell. For two weeks they had a single, narrow-bed, a single plate and a single spoon, a single chair.


Biertan - matrimonial cell

Only one couple maintained their plans to divorce after the experience in the matrimonial cell of Biertan!

Biertan - church ceiling


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