In Transylvania we enjoy the masterworks inherited from past generations of Romanians, Hungarians, Germans and Szeklers of Transylvania.

A region reach in history and cultural heritage, complemented by the exceptional, unspoiled natural environment. Bordered to the south by the Fagaras Mountains - the ”Alps of Transylvania” crossed by the spectacular ”Transfagarasan” alpine road, to the west - by the Apuseni Mountains, and to the east - by Harghita Mountains, Transylvania appears to us as a huge plateau dominated by large pastures, well defended by the mountains who stand guard.

It is the last corner of Europe
where you see true sustainability
and complete resilience
and the maintenance
of the entire ecosistems
for the benefit of mankind,
and also of the nature.

Prince Charles of Wales

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(Gelu Trandafir)
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