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Merry Cemetery – the funniest epitaph

A life rhythmed by prayers. A touching inscription on a Viscri house
September 28, 2019
peasant maramures
The beautiful faces of Maramures
October 7, 2019
Merry Cemetery Sapanta Maramures funny epitaph

“My poor mother-in-law
Under this heavy cross you lie,
And yet, if you had three days more,
You’d be here too see me die.
So, passer-by, do not disturb her,
For if she were to come again,
We’d never stop her tongue for wagging
Her words and curses fell like rain.
I will keep quiet, please do so too,
And she’ll not wake to curse all you.”

In 1935, a local popular artist has started to carve and paint in vivid colors the wooden crosses of his defunct neighbors from Sapânta (Maramures)...

The Merry Cemetery, being cool about death

Visiting Maramures is like travelling in time...

Rural Maramures & the Saxon heartland of Transylvania - 7-day tour

MARAMURES: The wooden cathedrals of the Romanian peasants faith
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