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VIDEO. Blessed Iuliu Hossu – an exceptional secret recording

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In 1970, though surveilled and harassed by Securitate, Cardinal Iuliu Hossu secretly recorded an exceptional “reenactment” of the most important moment of Romania’s history: he reread the Resolution of the Union of Transylvania with the Romanian Kingdom that he had proclaimed in Alba Iulia, on December 1st, 1918.

Blessed Iuliu Hossu made this exceptional recording few months before his death in 1970. He did it in secret. After his 1955 release from Sighet Communist prison, the Romanian Greek-catholic bishop was placed under house arrest and the constant surveillance of Securitate in different Orthodox monasteries until his death. He was never allowed to come back to Cluj Napoca, the Transylvanian city where his bishopry was based.

By 1970, all the other six peer bishops arrested in 1948, when the Communists banned the Greek-catholic Church in the Soviet occupied Romania, had already died, victims of a harsh repression. Iuliu Hossu, already a Cardinal ”in pectore” in 1970, was the last to survive.

While with forced domicile in Caldarusani, an Orthodox monastery close to Bucharest, the 85-year Romanian Cardinal reread the solemn Union Resolution of Transylvania with the Romanian Kingdom he had proclaimed, while a young 32 years of age bishop, at Alba Iulia's Great National Assembly, on December 1, 1918.

Decades ago, ”with a faded voice, but an unaging love” as himself put it, Blessed Iuliu Hossu lef us this moving testimony of the greatest moment of the Romanian history.

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