Bucegi Mountains
November 17, 2018
Wooden churches. Surdesti.
Rural Maramures
January 5, 2019

The Merry Cemetery – Being cool about death.

In 1935, a local popular artist has started to carve and paint in vivid colors the wooden crosses of his defunct neighbors from Sapânta. Then, the artist added an ironic epitaph resuming the life of the deceased or the conditions of his death.
It has resulted in a joyful collection of naive drawings and funny, short stories – the Merry Cemetery of Sapânta.

Merry Cemetery

Nowadays, the local artist, Stan Ioan Patras, has his own painting and epitaph carved on his cross.

over 800 epitaphs

A diary of Sapânta’s ordinary life (and death) in the last decades.

Merry Cemetery

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