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Prince Charles supports Romanian tourism in an powerful VIDEO

Hiking on Via Transilvanica
August 27, 2020
Fagaras mountains, the Alps of Transylvania
October 10, 2020

”Romania holds a very special place in my heart”, Prince Charles of Wales said in his touching video. ”I can trace my forbearers all the way back to Vlad Tepes, which may explain why each time I visit, there is a part of me that feels at home.”

Prince Charles praised the ”huge wealth of natural and cultural diversity” of Romania and pleaded Romanians to rediscover the beauty of their own country during those difficult times of COVID pandemic.

”As restrictions are lifted, people will want to travel again and to rediscover the world around them. Understandably, many will want to jump on an aeroplane and swap the familiar for a breath of foreign air.

However, now is also the ideal time to rediscover one's roots and reconnect with one's heritage. I have every confidence that Romanians who do so will find much to delight them and to give them the greatest pride in their country."

Prince Charles of Wales fell in love with Romania more than two decades ago. He bought a traditional Saxon household in Viscri (Brasov county) and a guest house in Valea Zalanului (Covasna county). He has been visiting Romania each year since, only to skip his traditional visit in 2020 due to the Coronavirus pandemic.

”I will continue to champion the importance of protecting and celebrating Romania's unique treasures, her villages, her historic buildings, her food and drink and her precious biodiversity, her wildlife and majestic forests.

There is so much to explore and domestic tourism has such great potential to create jobs and bring prosperity to even the most remote rural areas, so I can only encourage all Romanians to rediscover the incredible riches within the borders of your remarkable country, and when it becomes possible for me to travel to Romania again, it will be a precious moment to cherish", Prince Charles said.

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