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The current guided tours offers have been drafted based upon previous experiences with our tourists. We are ready to adapt to your needs and interests, therefore tailor the best private tours to satisfying your thirst for magical Transylvania and its people.
Visit our Tales&Destinations section, have a look on our Of Routes and Roses blog, and let us know what would you like do visit and discover in Romania (the painted monasteries of Bucovina or Danube Delta included).

His knowledge of Romanian history was second to none due to his experience and interest in history and journalism of Romania and overseas. I wouldn’t know as much or have had such an enjoyable time in both Bucharest and Braşov if it was not for meeting him. Thank you Gelu, I’ll not forget you or the experience you provided soon.



Join our time-travel machine to discover the life in MARAMURES and the treasures of the SAXON HEARTLAND of Transylvania - 7-day guided tour

Join our time-travel machine to discover MARAMURES and the SAXON HEARTLAND of Transylvania

You are about to discover amazing sceneries, the peasant Romanian culture, wooden churches and organic food of Maramures and the Saxon civilization built upon a network of fortified churches and citadels in southern Transylvania.  Join this 7-day tour with overnights in the old medieval citadels of Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov, in the booming cities of Cluj and Bucharest, and 2 overnights at a traditional cottage in the village of Breb (Maramures).

CHECK HERE. Details of Maramures & Saxon Transylvania tour.
The perfect tour for those who simply can't get enough of castles, fortresses, fortified churches, rural life, legends and medieval history

You simply can't get enough of castles, fortresses, fortified churches, rural life and medieval history?

Visit the Hunyadi (Corvin), Bran and Peles castles,  the three most important Saxon citadels of Transylvania - Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov, the Alba Iulia fortress, the fortified churches of Biertan, Viscri and Prejmer. Let yourself be amazed by the medieval church frescoes uncovered in the modest village of Malâncrav and discover the legends behind two famous rulers of Middle Ages - John Hunyadi and Vlad the Impaler.

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Transfagarasan and Transylvania

The spectacular Transfagarasan road leads us to the most famous 12th century Transylvanian burgs.

A daring adventure and a cultural journey, this 4-day tour allows you to enjoy the breathtaking scenery of Fagaras mountains and to discover the Saxon cultural heritage in Romania. We’ll explore Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov - the famous three citadels built in 12th century - visit the Bran (Dracula) and Peles castles, the UNESCO-listed fortified churches from Saxon villages of Biertan, Malâncrav, Saschiz and Viscri. Take this VIRTUAL TOUR with us.

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A city break to discovering the essence of Transylvania

A 3-day private tour designed to discovering the essence of Transylvania during a city break.

Within just three days, you will discover the most famous Transylvanian medieval burgs - Sibiu, Sighisoara and Brasov, visit Brand and Peles castles and the Biertan fortified church (UNESCO monument), catch a glimpse of the nowadays ordinary life of Saxon villages, discover the real characters behind the legend of Dracula, and how religion and competition among nations and empires have shaped the history, traditions and culture of this wonderful European region.
CHECK HERE the details of the 3-day Transylvanian city break

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