Private tours in Transylvania, Romania. Experienced tour guide. Family company.
    E-MAIL us: gelutrandafir [at], CALL us +40-723.303.310
    Private tours in Transylvania, Romania. Experienced tour guide. Family company.
      E-MAIL us: gelutrandafir [at], CALL us +40-723.303.310

      A Romanian family business, we offer through our four accredited tour guides and tourism officers some of the best experiences of this Romanian and European region so rich in history and cultural heritage, with an exceptional, unspoiled natural environment.

      Tourism driven by passion

      We have different professional backgrounds and life experiences. But we share the same passion for Romania: for its friendly people and scenic landscapes, for the history, the Christian belief and the popular traditions of this isolated Latin island that has miraculously survived this turbulent corner of Eastern Europe.

      Trandafir, our family name, means ROSE...
      Therefore, inspired by our family name, we value privacy, softness and care on our paths of roses guided tours in Romania. Coming from different areas - media, IT, sports and scouting -, we know the places with a soul in our country, their stories and their people. Therefore, we season a rather ordinary travel with the excitement of the unusual. It might well be the discovery of less known scenery and spots, the experience of authentic moments alongside Romanian peasants in rural Transylvania, or the joy of an adventure. Or a little bit of all of these.

      - Registration and tour guide certification
      - Tour agency licence
      - 2021-2022 Insurace policy

      Gelu Trandafir

      Tour Guide



      An experienced Romanian journalist, Gelu Trandafir (50) is a licensed tour guide with a particular knowledge of and passion for history, religion and trekking. He has a great experience in organizing private tours, but also in managing large camps for teenagers.
      As a journalist, Gelu Trandafir worked with important media outlets. He also was one of the 11 members of the Broadcasting Council, the only regulator authority for the audiovisual in Romania. Gelu Trandafir has graduated the Faculty of Geodesy and Robert Schuman Institute of Journalism with l'IRCOM Angers - Pays de la Loire, France.

      Lucia Trandafir


      Scout leader


      Leader of the Guides' section of the Romanian Christian Scout Association (UIGSE-FSE), with a great experience in organizing large camps and mountain trips, Lucia graduated the Business&Tourism with the Academy for Economic Sciences, and a mountain guide school.

      Emanuel Trandafir

      Tourist Guide

      Long distance runner, programmer


      Emanuel is a licensed tour guide. He was a professional athlete in long distance running. He studied mechatronic engineering and currently works as a computer programming specialist.

      Cristiana Constantin

      Tourist Guide

      Athelete, trainer


      A licensed tourism guide, Cristiana is a professional trainer. She studied Physical Education and Sports with Bucharest University of Physical Education.