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Wonderful Story! A Chamois Saved by Rescuers in Carpathian Mountains

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The Curious Chamois of Piatra Craiului
July 12, 2019
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July 18, 2019

Romanian hikers at Malaiesti chalet noticed an injured chamois on the northern slopes of Bucegi massif – Carpathian mountains. They called the mountain rescuers from Rasnov.

Ioan and Vlad Adamuta, father and son, came to rescue and saved the poor chamois with a broken leg. She had an open fracture and no chances to survive with it more than two days in that area packed with ours, Ioan Adamuta feared.

Therefore, Ioan and Vlad put the chamois in their backpack, and took the two-hours path down to the closest point where a veterinary ambulance could arrive. During this painful descent, the Carpathian chamois stayed calm, as she knew she was rescued. Unfortunately, the broken leg had to be amputated and the chamois would not have any chance to survive back in the wilderness. Now, the chamois is in the custody of a local park ranger.



The Curious Chamois of Piatra Craiului

Two days of close encounters with friendly chamois living this spectacular, narrow ridge of the massif.

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