Private tours in Transylvania, Romania. Experienced tour guide. Family company.
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    Private tours in Transylvania, Romania. Experienced tour guide. Family company.
      E-MAIL us: gelutrandafir [at], CALL us +40-723.303.310

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      October 26, 2018
      Carta Abbey

      Carta Abbey – Cistercians’ easternmost outpost in Europe

      An Evangelical parish nowadays, the Carta Abbey was built around 1200 by Burgundian Cistercian monks.
      October 28, 2018
      wooden church maramures desesti paint pictura ponegalski

      Wooden Churches of Maramures

      The wooden cathedrals of the Romanian peasants’ faith.
      October 28, 2018
      Maramures - sighet prison memorial

      The Sighet Memorial

      Sighet Memorial. The dreaded Communist prison has been converted in a Memorial to the victims and the resistance against dictatorship.  
      Transylvanian Tours
      Transylvanian Tours
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      Fortified Churches

      March 15, 2021
      curtea de arges monastery romania 2 (1)
      The Royal Town – Curtea de Arges
      150 kilometres north-east of Bucharest, Curtea de Arges is the gateway of the Transfagaran mountain road, the second capital of Wallachia in the 14th century and one of the most important and charming historical towns of Romania.
      January 26, 2021
      Casa Ratiu turda
      CASA RAȚIU (Turda)
      Over the last century, Casa Rațiu has become a symbol of resilience and service of a family which played a crucial role for Romanian nation in Transylvania.
      January 17, 2021
      K2 Winter Mingma 3 2
      K2, for the first time ever summited in winter by a Nepali team
      January 4, 2021
      Brasov Piata Sfatului 3x2 900px
      Transylvania – amongst National Geographic’s 25 DESTINATIONS ON THE RISE for 2021
      With ”its pastoral, old-Europe feel” and ”culturally complicated mix of Magyars, Saxons, Székelys, and Wallachians”, Transylvania is a recommended destination for this year.
      December 29, 2020
      Dance Of The Bear Romania Tradition Moldova Cover (1)
      Dance of the Bear – a pre-Christian tradition well-preserved in Romania
      The Bear Dance is an ancient pagan tradition which survived in the eastern part of Romania - in the region of Moldova, around Bacau city.
      December 27, 2020
      Nativity Scene Church Paint Maramures Bucharest Romania
      Nativity scene in a Maramures village setting
      This Nativity scene surprises and delights us by its naturalness and simplicity, particularly with the image of the shepherds dressed as peasants of Maramures.